Website Credibility- Middle School

For middle school students, try Dr, ABC.

Internet Research Tools

Use the following pneumonic and indicators to evaluate reliability: Dr. ABC

Domain, Recent, Authority, Bibliography, Credibility 

Domain types

Very Reliable 


Usually Reliable

Who authored?


What is the purpose?

Is there an agenda?


Personal Pages

.gov government .ac University/college .org organization .html
.mil military .edu School/university .com commercial ~
.k12 school .net Internet source Various endings

*To search a specific domain, type your topic, space, then type site:.domain, replacing “domain” with the domain type you prefer. Example: renaissance  


When was the site created, copyrighted, last modified or updated? Is that important to the content?

Do all links work?


Who is the author or organization? What are their qualifications?

What is the purpose? Is it promoting an agenda or selling a service/product?

Is it educational/instructive, an idea forum, or for entertainment?


Are sources credited and reliable? Can they be verified?


Is content free of spelling/grammar errors and nonsense words?

Is information factual/logical and verifiable?

Is information balanced and objective with well supported arguments, vs. biased, subjective and opinionated? If subjective, are balanced sources and ideologies presented/compared?

Is information and design well organized, easy to read and navigate?

Are help, search, and sitemap tools available?


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