20150515_111043_resized 20150519_125124 20150522_09531020150520_0075It seems that I have reached one of the destinations on my life’s map. I’ve been an educator for 36 years, even more if counting piano and organ instruction which I began doing as a sophomore in high school. I had the privilege of working with thousands of wonderful high school, middle school, and practicum students, who I know are going to continue blazing trails and leaving legacies with an impact. I taught some of the very things I said I would never teach, and had a blast doing it! I’ve experienced the wonder of being asked to keynote a retreat, and had the pleasure of having some of my writing published in local news columns and in a book. I was able to present at the state level for two different organizations, and created screen casts for another school. Some of my most memorable experiences include the great pleasure of bringing in two outstanding authors for my students and community. Marissa Meyer (Cinder, Scarlet, & Cress) came at my request during my first year as librarian, and she was nothing less than amazing! The Wingnuts baseball team gave her tickets to the game, and I was thrilled when Marissa offered me two of the tickets. Yes, I really got to go to the game with her! Mark Goldblatt (Twerp & Finding the Worm) kindly accepted my invitation to speak during my second year, and my husband and I were privileged to spend several days with him, showing him around town! What an amazing finish to my formal career! I have been so blessed.

Having reached one destination, I now look forward to continuing the journey, just taking a different direction at a more leisurely pace.  Time with family and friends, a little travel, some crafts, some teaching and librarianship of some sort, as that just plain runs in my blood. Who knows, maybe even some more writing. I can’t wait to see all the twists and turns ahead. So exciting!

And so, let the journey begin!


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